Compared with a smear done by the family doctor, women find the Evalyn® Brush very handy and user-friendly. As the test is done at home, your privacy is guaranteed.

The Evalyn® Brush can’t go wrong

The handy instructions supplied with it make using the Evalyn® Brush simple. If you follow the steps one by one, you know for sure that you have sampled enough cellular material for a good test in the laboratory. You can’t go wrong.

What makes using the Evalyn® Brush so comfortable is that no fluids are involved. You cannot make a mess while carrying out the test. And after the test is over, you feel no discomfort such as that caused by a dribbling of fluid (unexpectedly).

The Evalyn® Brush was designed by women, especially for women. Research has revealed that women are positive about using the Evalyn® Brush: it is safe, quick and painless.

Women about the Evalyn® Brush

Question: What do you think of the ease of use of the Evalyn Brush?


Question: What was your experience with the Evalyn Brush?


Question: What is your opinion of the instructions for use of the Evalyn Brush?


Question: What do you think of the ease of use of the Evalyn Brush in comparison with the procedure done by a specialist?


Some quotes

“Because you can use the Evalyn Brush at home, you have more privacy.”

“The film explaining the directions step by step means that you can’t go wrong.”

“The best thing about the Evalyn Brush is that you are in control.”