We have spent years of in-depth research into development of cell sampling devices. We developed our fine bristle technology and used this technology to develop cell sampling devices with tiny soft and flexible hairs and bristles.

Cervical cancer test with a perfect device for the best result

For the development of new products we collaborate with medical specialists in gynaecology, cytology, pathology etc. We have a dedicated worldwide network that enables us to develop innovative products using the right skills and tools. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce high quality products.

For liquid-based cytology and HPV testing

Because the hairs are soft and flexible, the mucosal surface is well sampled but not damaged, thus reducing the number of unsatisfactory smears. Our Rovers® Cell Sampling Devices can be used for liquid-based (LBC) as well as conventional cytology and further triage with molecular testing. The hydrophobic material of the devices facilitates the release of the cell material into the fluid. If needed, the head of the device can be separated from the handle using our Remover Tube. Our cell sampling devices are Latex-free.