Our cell sampling devices are classified under (EU) MDD or (EU) MDR classification.

Despite this we often get the question whether they also fall under the (EU) IVDR.  As mentioned in the (EU) IVDR Chapter I, Section 1, article 1 point 3 (see below) the regulation does not apply to our products (see B).

3. This Regulation does not apply to:

(a)     products for general laboratory use or research-use only products, unless such products, in view of their characteristics, are                     specifically intended by their manufacturer to be used for in vitro diagnostic examination;

(b)    invasive sampling products or products which are directly applied to the human body for the                                                           purpose of obtaining a specimen;

(c)      internationally certified reference materials;

(d)      materials used for external quality assessment schemes.


Quality Certificates

Certificate ISO 13485

9342EEC Annex II

TUV USA ISO 13485 2016 ed 4

TUV USA ISO 13485:2016 under MDSAP


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