Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer and the fourth leading cause of cancer death among women world-wide. Screening for the detection of cervical cancer and pre-cancer has reduced the incidence and mortality rate of this cancer type.

Easy, painless and safe HPV self-sampler

The efficacy of the screening is dependent of the female participation rate and the accuracy of the screening methods the participation rate is dependent of the way screening is organised but varies between 10-80%. Lack of time, fear, embarrassment, discomfort and cultural reasons are the most quoted reasons for women not to participate. Community based screening programs with self-samplers, have proven to be very effective.

Rovers Medical Devices has over 10 years of specialisation in the development of medical devices for self- sampling. The Viba-Brush® removes barriers for participation in cervical screening programs. The Viba-Brush® is a single use self-sampler device that allows easy, painless, safe and reliable collection of vaginal/cervical specimens which can be used to screen for Human papillomavirus (HPV), the causative agent of cervical cancer.


  • Extensively validated in more than > 10,000 women.1-5
  • High level of concordance for CIN 3+ and CIN 2+  (95,5% and 93,8 % respectively) based on hr HPV positivity with physician taken samples.1,5
  • Female friendly, easy to use, painless method.5
  • CE marked.