Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer and the fourth leading cause of cancer death among women world-wide. Screening for the detection of cervical cancer and pre-cancer has reduced the incidence and mortality rate of this cancer type.

Optimal cervical screening because of the fine bristle technology

High quality examinations are one of the important elements that determine the efficacy of the screening and has led to the development of a dedicated sampling device. The EndoCervex-Brush® is developed in collaboration with women and physicians by Rovers Medical Devices, specialist in the development of medical devices for gynaecological examinations for over 20 years.

The EndoCervex-Brush® is an innovative product designed to contribute to a comfortable endocervical examination and to deliver an optimal result.1,2 The EndoCervex-Brush® provides 600 separate soft, flexible bristles for the simultaneous collection of cellular material. The bristles constitute a capillary system that facilitates both the collection and release process.


  • High yield of endocervical cells.
  • Female-friendly one piece brush, without rigid traditional wire and nylon bristle combination.
  • Reduced cell damage due to the fine bristle technology.
  • The firm yet flexible head with the integrated protective tip limits tissue damage, therefore reducing the negative impact on the examination result.
  • A safety ring prevents the brush from entering into the endometrium during the examination, therefore limiting the collection of endometrium cells.
  • Can be used for liquid-based as well as conventional cytology. The hydrophobic material of the brush facilitates the release of the cell material into the fluid.