Unique identification

Mixing up samples or data? Everyone involved in the process of sample taking is on the alert to prevent this from happening. For extra convenience and certainty, the Evalyn® Brush can also be provided with an unique identification technology.

In addition to having a barcode or data matrix, an RFID chip (Radio Frequency Identification) can be incorporated in the device.

Benefits of the RFID chip:

  • Unique identification
  • Invisible and protected
  • No risk of damage
  • Easy to process
  • Fast scanning of incoming samples

The RIFD chip is hidden inside the Evalyn® Brush. This minimizes the risk of the chip being removed or damaged by the user or during transport. Unlike barcodes or external labels this link to the personal data cannot be corrupted or made illegible through scratching or soiling etc. No physical contact or line of sight is required, because the chip can even be read through the packaging.

How this technology works

The Evalyn® Brush handle has a small space on the inside, accessible from the rear. The RFID chip is mounted in this space and sealed off so that it cannot be removed. With a special reader – linked to a PC or other mobile device – the unique code of the RFID chip can be read at a distance, so it is not necessary for it to be removed from the packaging. Before sending, the Evalyn® device can be linked to a participant in a database. After the sample has been taken and once returned to the lab, the unique RFID chip code can be read and re-linked to the participant in the database.

The Cervical Screening Organization in Denmark has been using the Evalyn® Brushes with RFID chips successfully.