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Rovers Medical Devices wins the first tender for self-collection sets for hrHVP testing in the new National Cervical Cancer Screening Program in the Netherlands

The contract was signed on 9/12/2015 by Mr. W.W.J. Spijker (FSB) and Mr. M.D. Zwart (Rovers Medical Devices)

Rovers Medical Devices is proud to announce that it has been awarded a 5-year contract by the FSB (Collaboration Facility Population Screening) in the Netherlands for the supply of the Rovers® Evalyn® Brush self-collection set for hrHPV testing for non-responders of the national cervical cancer screening program. The decision concludes an extensive public tender process in which providers were assessed on their ability to meet performance, quality and pricing criteria.

In the Netherlands, non-responders of the cervical cancer screening program account for more than 50% of all the cervical cancer cases. It is expected that the possibility for non-responders of the cervical cancer screening program to use a self-collection set for hrHPV testing will lead to a significant reduction in the number of women that will develop cervical cancer.

Announcement Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport:

About the Evalyn® Brush from Rovers Medical Devices
The Evalyn® Brush was specifically developed for the purpose of self-sampling at home. In total more than 50000 women have been involved in studies in which the Evalyn Brush was used. The product was validated in studies targeting different population groups: high risk, responders and non-responders of the screening program. The Evalyn® Brush has in-built features to assure correct sample taking by women.

About Rovers Medical Devices
Rovers Medical Devices is based in Oss, the Netherlands. Rovers designs, develops, manufactures and markets cell sampling devices for cytological-, bacteriological-, viral (HPV)-, and DNA testing. Rovers® products are being used in more than 50 countries all over the world.