Medi-Scrub_Chlorhexidine_PRODUCT_1000x355In order to keep the best result, we studied traditional methods of medical hand cleansing. As we found that many of the available cleaning brushes are either too soft or too rigid and do not clean optimally, we developed a soft disposable brush and sponge.

Rovers® Medi-Scrub: The ideal disinfecting method

Medi-Scrub is the ideal method of cleansing and disinfecting hands as part of Good Medical Practice in medical surgeries, health clinics and treatment centres that perform any kind of medical examination, or deal with emergencies. The 1792 long hairs are flexible, so that the hands can be thoroughly brushed without damage to the skin. The Medi-Scrub is impregnated with an effective detergent, package complete with nail cleaner in a sterile wrapping. Only the Medi-Scrub Dry sterile does not contain detergent but is sterilised with Ethylene-Oxide.


  • Individually packed surgical scrub brush.
  • Including sponge and nail cleaner.
  • Latex-free.
  • Optimal cleaning through the high density of soft hands.
  • Easy ready-to-use system using dispenser box.
  • 25 brushes in a dispenser box, 15 dispenser boxes in a despatch box.

Rovers® Medi-Scrub
Preoperative Disinfection – Ideal method of cleansing and disinfecting hands in medical surgeries, health clinics and treatment centres.

There are three versions of the product:

  • Medi-Scrub PVP lodine: contains 1 % iodine in detergent solution
  • Medi-Scrub Dry sterile: without detergent, sterilised with EtO
  • Medi-Scrub Chlorhexidine: contains 4% chlorhexidine gluconate in detergent solution