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Rovers® Remover Tube

The Rovers® Remover Tube is used in combination with the other Rovers® products to enable easy detachment of the brush-head from the blue handle.
The Rovers® Remover Tube can be used for all applications where it is important to remove the brush head from the blue handle without contaminating the brush head.
When sensitive diagnostic test methods are being used to analyze the sample –e.g. PCR based test methods -, it is a prerequisite that the brush head only contains the patients’ sample material.

Because of the in-built automatic stop feature, the Remover Tube will not become detached from the handle.

The Rovers® Remover Tube is a new feature, recently added to the Rovers® product selection.

The new Rovers® Remover Tube, used in combination with other Rovers® products, offers the following features:
  • Precisely made tube with in-built automatic stop
  • Easy to use
  • Hygienic and efficient
  • Suitable for all applications where contamination free detachment is required