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Preoperative Disinfection

Disposable Rovers® Medi-Scrub

In keeping with our motto "With a perfect device the best result.", we have spent years of in-depth research into traditional methods of medical hand cleansing.

Our findings were far from flattering for the medical world, whose use of the hard, re-usable brush entails many drawbacks for the user, and particularly the patient.

This conclusion motivated us to completely review the existing method, and convinced us of the urgent need for a new procedure.

The result of our research & development is a soft disposable brush and sponge, impregnated with an effective detergent and packaged complete with nail cleaner in a sterile wrapping.

Rovers® Medi-Scrub is the ideal method of cleansing and disinfecting hands in medical surgeries, health clinics and treatment centres that perform any kind of medical examination, or deal with emergencies.